Interactive Kiosks

Communicate with your clients or proivde product information on fingertips by placing Interactive Kiosk Machines in your office or a Shopping Mall.

iPAD Kiosks

iPad Kiosks are the latest addition in the Interactive Kiosks family. iPad Kiosks provide a valuable addition to your showrooms, exhibitions, malls, hotels and tourist destinations.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system allows you to monitor your office, factory or residence in order to safeguard your vital assets without physically being present at each location.

Audio Visual Systems

An Audio-Visual system is not a collection of expensive equipments, they are actually a combination of compatible devices that bring out the best results in terms of longevity and efficiency.

Network Setup

An efficient network setup not only ensures smooth communication across an organization, it also helps to secure sensitive and vital information important to the management.

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Annual Maintenance Contracts - CCTV & Networks

CCTV & Networks AMC, Dubai, UAE CCTV surveillance systems and network setups require regular professional and technical attention. This helps to ensure that the system is running as per its required expectations. Ignoring these systems for longer periods results in unexpected issues that pop up and breakdown the system.


Following are some of the deliverables that accompany our CCTV Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs):

  1. Regular visits to ensure camera position and lens focus is as per required view.
  2. Ensuring constant and uniform power to cameras for 24x7 recording.
  3. Testing of PTZ cameras and ensuring optimal communication between controller and camera.
  4. Verifying the recording of cameras as per desired backup time.
  5. Taking regular back ups from the DVR / NVR and storing with labelled folders and we also provide data storage solutions.
  6. Replacing faulty devices and accessories whenever required.

Network AMCs:

Following are some of the deliverables that accompany our Network Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs):
  1. Testing network connectivity among all nodes.
  2. Testing priviliges and security profiles.
  3. Diagnosing and troubleshooting network issues.
  4. Scanning individual PCs for connectivity, viruses and applying update patches on critical applications.
  5. Procuring neccessary accessories e.g. toners, cartridges, printing papers, storage tapes etc.
  6. Arranging logistics and off-site service for devices under or out of warranty.

Please contact us for more information on our AMC services and avail a customized plan specific to your organizational budget and needs.

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