People Counting Software

Get Customer Heat Map and Detailed Video Analytics Insights

Count visitors or customers walking in a shopping mall, a store, a school or a hospital using any CCTV system. Get detailed reports on Perspective Customers and integrate with your internal systems, ERPs and marketing strategies

AI Powered People Counting Software converts your existing CCTV System into a very powerful network of sensors which can collect valuable customer insight and business intelligence data in real-time. The People Counting Software provides a deep understanding of customer flow, heat map analysis, behavioral data and it is capable of accurately collecting customer data such as gender, age group, customer flow and movements, dwell time, customer count and average time spend in the premises. The heat map analytics, retail analytics, churn rate management tools, customer counting system, and various other features can provide you a great competitive advantage.The precious analytical data helps businesses make informed decisions and boost their revenue.

The AI Powered People Counting Software provides in depth customer analysis including detailed customer profiles/personas, customer flow and heat map analysis, footfall count, total in/out people count, area-wise traffic and dwell time, customer churn rate, and much more. This data can help businesses understand, evaluate and improve their existing strategies and policies to improve their operations and to target the audience more effectively. Which ultimately results in significant increase in in-store sales and revenue. For retail businesses and service sector our People Counting Software offer a variety of features for churn rate management and churn control.

Shopping Mall Traffic Statistics

Shopping Malls and Property Management companies always seeking way to improve the performance of their malls and tenants/retail partners. Taking instant decisions or establishing long term strategies are always challenging for the mall management, however, with the help of the a deeper data insight the shopping mall can easily make effective decisions and long term strategies to improve performance of their mall and also their tenants.

Our People Counting Software provides highly accurate shopping mall traffic statistics and customized analytical tools to help mall management.

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Capture in-depth footfall traffic data and get heat map analysis and area/zone wise reporting
Evaluate marketing strategy and audience response by identifying low traffic areas and take steps to improve traffic
Capture in-depth analytical data, share it with tenants and prospects to generate more sales and gain customers’ trust
Employee data and all-day activity analysis help mall management to improve resource planning and performance

Retail Store Traffic Counter and Retail Analytics

The retail store traffic counter and retail analytics provide in-depth marketing analysis data which help retail businesses to track customers’ movement, analyze heat map, understand their behavior and response and gather valuable demographical data. Our People Counting Software can be integrated with the POS solution to analyze the conversion rate and financial impacts of marketing and operational strategies. The retail analytics and retail store traffic counters allow the managers to arrange their merchandises to boost the performance and profitability of the store.

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Retail Store Traffic Counter and Retail Analytics
Live real-time monitoring and dashboard updates provide manager a 360 degree view of the entire retail store
Integration with POS allow the managers to accurately measure the conversions and customer churn rate
In-depth customer behavior and movement analysis help store managers in determining the customer churn causes
Heat-map analysis help managers evaluating their operational and marketing strategy and identify problems

People Counting Software for Government Offices

The government offices are more prone to crowd formation and congestion. Queue management and customer flow is the most challenging task in government departments and public offices. Traffic counting camera, footfall counter, and people counting sensors can’t provide much needed analytical data. Our People counting software doesn’t require any additional hardware, only the existing CCTV cameras are enough to gather actionable insight and analytical data to improve the performance and efficiency of the government offices.

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People Counting Software for Government Offices
Enable centralized monitoring with multiple connected branches, facilities, departments, or independent sections at government facilities
Real-time occupancy monitoring, automated alerts and crowd prevention measures help improving customers’ experience
Indoor and outdoor people counting features and employee activity monitoring improve resource planning & increase performance
Customizable dashboard with facility to integrate the system with any third-party system or central information center

People Counting Software for Restaurants & Food Courts

Restaurant and food courts are usually the places with most difficult queue management situation. The crowd formation is very common during the peak hours, and the customer churn rate is also very high. The people counting software can provide excellent customer flow analytical data and it also help management take instant decision by providing them real-time heat-map and customer counts at different place such as ordering counter, pickup desk and vending machines, etc. The store manager can have better visibility and information to utilize resources more effectively which increase performance.

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People Counting Software for Restaurants & Food Courts
Real-time people counting and movement tracking enables better queue management and staff planning during peak hours
Accurate customer churn rate calculation and better customer churn rate management with advanced features
Low initial investment, cost-effective scalability and Integration with POS, ERP, and third-party tools improve functionality
Customizable reporting, integrated branches, data processing and performance comparison tools boost branch performance

Generate More Revenue and Increase Sales

  • Heat Maps, Customer Flow and Demographic Data can be Used to Advertise or Promote Exclusive Products to Generate more Sales
  • Identify Chock-points in Customer Journey and Rectify the Problem to Increase Revenue
  • Customer Demographic Data is very Useful for Targeted Marketing Campaigns
  • People Counting Software Data help Facility Management Companies to Increase Rental Income
  • Businesses can Improve their Marketing Strategies by Catering Most Relevant Content, Materials, Products, Services, etc. which Results in Higher Conversions
  • Customer Behavioral Data Help Businesses in Increasing Customer Engagements
  • Intuitive Administrative Dashboard Enables Management to Acquire a Better Understanding of Customer Personas with Supreme Accuracy and Improve Targeting Precision

Track Customer’s Movement and Leverage Heat Map

  • Accurately Track Customer Flow
  • Learn Where Your Customer are Spending Most of the Time
  • Learn which Areas are Getting More Repeated Visits
  • Learn Dead Areas and Areas People are Avoiding/Neglecting
  • Heat Mapping Enables You to Accurately Track Customer Movement across the Premises
  • More Attractions can be added at Dead Areas
  • Digital Signs, Information, Products, Marketing Material can be Displayed at High-traffic Spots to get more Visibility and Higher Response
Track and Improve Employee Performance

Track and Improve Employee Performance

  • Employee Activity Tracking – Record Each & Every Move of Individual Employee
  • Connect Employees with their Sales and Evaluate Employee Performance
  • Analyze Employee Sales in Each Section/Department Individually
  • Identify Weaknesses in Employee Performance and Take Actions to Improve
  • Use Employee Activity Data for HR Purposes and Training Programs
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AI Powered Software

AI Powered Software

Process CCTV Video in Real-time & Setup Automatic Alerts and Notifications

24/7 360° Coverage

24/7 360° Coverage

Full Customer Profiling, Heat Map, Dwell Time, Footfall Count, etc.

Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

Streamline Analytical Data in Decision Making and Strategy Building Process

Total In/Out

Total In/Out

Total In/Out Count for all Entrances, Compatible with Outdoor Cameras



Highly Accurate Gender, Age Group Identification & Ability to Detect Face Masks

Area-wise Traffic

Area-wise Traffic

Count Customers at each Floor, Elevator, Escalator, and any other Desired Area

Heat Maps

Heat Maps

Monitor Visitors’ Behavior, Flow, & Dwell Time, Popular Areas, etc.



Flexible Third-party Integration allow seamless instant data synchronization



Online Hosting Cloud Edge Processing On-Premises

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The AI Powered People Counting Software doesn’t require any additional hardware. It doesn’t matter which brand or type of CCTV Security Cameras you are currently using. Our AI Powered People Counting Software can be deployed and integrated with your existing CCTV Security System very quickly. Whether you are a small shop, retail store, large mall, public office, entertainment center, restaurant, or a large multi-branch organization, the AI Powered People Counting Software can be a game changer.

Our pricing and deployment plans are very flexible to accommodate all kinds of requirements. If you want to learn how our AI Powered People Counting Software can help you achieve your strategic and business goals, please get in touch with us and an expert will guide you about the system and its impact on your business.

  • Shopping Malls
  • Government Offices
  • Airport/Mass Transit Station
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers
  • Healthcare Sector
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Retails Stores
  • Safety and Security
  • Park and Entertainment Venus
  • Events and Exhibitions
  • Industrial Application
  • Public Areas
AI Powered People Counting Software Application

AI Powered People Counting Software Application