Customized kiosk

Customized Kiosk Design

We have a team of professionals who can customize kiosk design for you according to your requirements.
The process starts with the technical and physical appearance requirement gathering of Interactive Kiosk.

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    Requirement Gathering

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    Paint and Polishing

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Customized Kiosk

A customized kiosk is a computer machine fixed in a stand or cabinet with specific hardware and software. The kiosk has the ability to interact with the users with the installed software such as audio and visual interaction using specific apps installed.

  • FR MDF / Mild Steel

    We design our kiosks in fire rated MDF or mild steel – depends on the type and design of kiosk.

  • Custom Design

    Any idea can be converted in to a real computer kiosk – share your idea and leave the rest to us

  • Easy to Operate

    We can design Apps and Advertising videos that can be deployed on any platform

  • Sticker & Paint

    Dedicated graphic designer to design artwork for kiosk machines (paint or sticker)

  • Any Screen Size

    Feel comfortable to choose any size of the screen, as and what suits your environment

  • Slim & Smart Design

    Fashionable, Slim and Smart look and feel of the Interactive & computer Kiosk

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About Customized Kiosk

Customized Interactive Kiosk is a specialized job where our designers and fabricators has ample experience to produce unique and critical ideas. The process of designing the kiosk machine starts from gathering the technical and environmental requirements.
After the requirement gathering our designers come with a sketch for draughtsman to prepare a drawing for the engineers to fabricate the interactive kiosk and give it a real shape. Once the kiosk is ready, it is sent for paint job. Next is the installation of electronic devices and artwork installation.

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Our Process

We have four major steps to customize a kiosk. The process starts with requirement gathering in which we come up with a sketch of the kiosk. If the sketch is approved, we move to the technical discussion and eventually present a draft drawing.
Once approved, we shift the job to the factory for the fabrication of the kiosk machine. Meanwhile we also decide and design the artwork of the kiosk. Once fabricated, we install the artwork and hardware components in the kiosk and perform a detailed test of the computer kiosk for 2 days.Process

More Kiosks

We have a team of professionals who can customize and kiosk design for you according to your requirements.

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  • Customize Kiosk
  • Customize Kiosk