Interactive Kiosks

Communicate with your clients or proivde product information on fingertips by placing Interactive Kiosk Machines in your office or a Shopping Mall.

iPAD Kiosks

iPad Kiosks are the latest addition in the Interactive Kiosks family. iPad Kiosks provide a valuable addition to your showrooms, exhibitions, malls, hotels and tourist destinations.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system allows you to monitor your office, factory or residence in order to safeguard your vital assets without physically being present at each location.

Audio Visual Systems

An Audio-Visual system is not a collection of expensive equipments, they are actually a combination of compatible devices that bring out the best results in terms of longevity and efficiency.

Network Setup

An efficient network setup not only ensures smooth communication across an organization, it also helps to secure sensitive and vital information important to the management.

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Mobile CCTV Surveillance Systems

Mobile CCTV Surveillance Solutions, Dubai, UAE Mobile CCTV is the latest extension to conventional surveillance systems which helps you to monitor your mobile assets like cars, buses, trucks, trams, ships etc. The system relays live signals to a central security room where live videos can be viewed along with GPS tracking of your vehicle.

Mobile CCTV systems are most suitable for the following businesses/industries:

  1. Cars (Transport companies, Taxis, Private Chauffeurs)
  2. Vans (Deliveries, Couriers)
  3. Buses (Schools, Staff Transports, Public Transport)
  4. Trucks (Logistics)
  5. Heavy Vehicles (Forklifts, Cranes, Bull Dozers)
  6. Ships (Ferries, Vessels, Yachts, Liners)
  7. ATMs and Lifts
  8. Special Vehicles (Ambulances, Police, Cash Transfer Cars)
  9. Trains (Trams, Metros)

A Mobile CCTV system comprises of a CCTV cameras, mobile DVR, 7-10" display screen, CMS software and options of 3G access, GPS tracking & WLan connectivity. RSI Geeks also provide full fledge CCTV services and their annual maintenance contract services.

  1. Mobile DVR: A mobile DVR or MDVR is a device that is installed on the vehicle that needs to be monitored. It takes power from the vehicle and all cameras on board are connected to it. The videos are compressed and stored on a hard disk within the MDVR. The MDVR also comes with options of 3G for remote access, GPS for location tracking, WLan connectivity for synchronized backups once vehicles returns to premise. The MDVR can take storage of 500GB, 1TB and 2TB depending on the requirement of the client.
  2. CCTV Camera: Indoor surveillance cameras with Day/night recording capabilities are fitted in the vehicles. This allows the videos to be recorded in various lighting conditions.
  3. Display Screen: A small LCD screen of size 7" or 10" can be fitted in the vehicle to give the driver a view of the activities going on in the vehicle behind. This is most suitable in long vehicles like Buses, Trams, Ships Trucks etc.
  4. CMS Application: CMS stands for Central Monitoring System. It can be installed in a server or a high configuration desktop machine. This software communicates with the MDVR over 3G (3G package from local ISP required) to provide live view of the recorded vehicles. This software is also integrated with Google Maps to provide latest positions of the vehicle through GPS.
  5. WLan Connectivity: The WLan option allows the vehicle to automatically connect to the office Wi-Fi network and carry out automated backups from the MDVR to the storage server.

Advantages of Mobile CCTV Solutions

  1. Effective monitoring of mobile assets without physical presence on the vehicle
  2. Reduce erroneous reporting of incidents in cases of accidents, missing inventories and on board incidents among passengers or driving staff.
  3. Increase satisfaction of passengers on buses, cabs, ferries etc
  4. Reduce fuel wastage due to improper usage of company fleet

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